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Thursday, October 6, 2016

not so much 10/6/16

not so much what is right or wrong
but more so, what is . . .
how ‘is’ exists without interpretation’s grip.
how ‘is’ is moving as fluids
inside of ever faster fluids
while the grasp of it
ever so lingers in a flat screen way.
how ‘is’ is so fragile to capture
as if captive.
yet what is captured (?), ‘is’ still remains . . .
remnants wrapped in the fabric of ‘was’.
parameters of perspectives set aside.
positions that reside on recall and subject retention.
‘is’ is horizons’ away from those accounts.
our versions of ‘now’ are gatherings of ‘not so much’,
but we cherish them as if paparazzi rewards.
all of us chasing after meaning-fulls
and emotional delights.
‘not-so-much’ that age us,
but ever so slowly with tact.
sneaky how ‘now’ escapes
and we, beleaguered but pursue . . .

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