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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Infinite reality 10/20/16

Infinite reality seems like a contradiction of terms
especially when view from just a reality perspective.
Oh, one can say infinite,
as if those two definitions were of an equal match.
But if reality were truly aware of infinite
and also the composition of infinite,
then reality would not be the composite
we seem to work our perspectives from.
If infinite was a sacred, as focused upon us
as reality is,
then we would certainly hold a different clarity
about life, living, the planet, the universe, 
the use of time, and our presence in space.
Where would the comparative differences stop?
Infinite reality is all about now
and the constancy of now
without the burden of our concepts
and our assumptions about time.
‘Now’ is infinite reality
but we do not have access to that in a conscious way.
We have made reality a close-looped myopic
in which infinite is a vague reference point by distinction 
but not functional in the way
we have experience of daily life.
Infinite reality, as a personal experience in,
is incomprehensible, even though it lives through us,
within us, as us,
but we are not the consciousness of that existence directly. 
In the quantum of our existence,
infinite reality does formally exist
but cannot be identified as itself, of itself.
We are outsiders to that realm of awareness
and thus conscious participation.
We are the dichotomy,
as a living metaphor of being a lit candle
but unable to see or use the light we generate directly.
We seem committed to material plane comprehensibility
as our way of existence
and the rest is the plunder of curiosity
and the wander of consciousness from within.
And so, from a bleacher perspective, so to speak,
infinite reality, yes,

we have come to enjoy the game . . .

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