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Sunday, October 16, 2016

heart-mind, outside of time 10/16/16

the cutting edge that experience offers us is far and away
but it’s all happening right here in stark non-eventful ways.
this next moment only truly celebrates it all as unknown,
as our senses, they merely take in the confetti aftermath
for what’s going on phantasmagorically inside of now.
this storyline we look at, account cannot be found in words.
I would gladly forget myself, to know the truth of this all.
I would then give facials of euphoria as stampeding rapture,
be personally trampled and pummeled with faint delight.
I’d give away any sense of being to bleed this as my light
but time is only the shoelace loops featured on this journey,
posing as rabbit ears on this, our chariot of envisioning
where the oceans are an enveloping mist of whispers
and the land be the warmth of our collection of hands
holding us high above the sense of circumstance and need.
I kiss where reality cannot pretend to be or to go.
I embrace back to what mightily is an encirclement of us,
leaving a sense of separateness for this unknowable means.
for me, my pirate made out of nothing stole my parrot-mind.
he feeds my beak-emptiness and triumphant wings unfold.
these wings of mine fly as if I now have feathers for eyes.
you hold me with your presence of vastness warmly.
I fly in and out of your life without taking wing.
it feels like we are two crayons of very different colors,
melted together by the light of our own heat forged anew.
together we are a color never known before and unnamable.
it is beyond blush, yet beautifying by the feel from within.
ink will come out of the pens of our memories for this.
there will be paths of script to follow with curious eyes.
mine will be closed and I will not let memories in.
that now, is this now, is forever of now.
don’t ask of what you already know without knowing.
go there, where we are that color as a fluid ablaze pouring.
this ‘nothing of us’, burns through the night,
as clear emptiness, beyond bright and presence precise.
if necessary, then know of yourself to be as vast
and let the now comfort you beyond any reasonable means.
the heart-mind, the heart-mind of us, of all of us,
is outside of time, and lives on, just for this . . .

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