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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

no nouns in afterlife 10/25/16

there are no nouns in the afterlife,
only verbs carry us onward.
it’s not just the assigned behavioral action,
nouns just pose, verbs give permission.
but more so is the ongoingness of being in verbs,
behind and beyond the verbiage metaphor
even if only as animation of a conscious mind.
particle life comes to an end in the carriage of liveliness
but wave action continues masslessly advancing.
all that was essence driven, lives invisibly on.
meaning has a lingering as if emotions had fragrance,
pheromones of the spirit fuming with forward delight,
in the thought process as carriers of feelings,
achieves in passage as from the earnestness of heart.
remembrances are all outpourings ongoing in flight
of the hereafter if they had deep spiritual presence in life.
there is no conjugation of zero mass serenity,
therefore no nouns, all verbs in essence, ascending.
where nouns feature static to posture and please,
verbs enroll isness as featured forwarding.
know of yourself as joy of and in movement
that self identity is buoyant in the beyond,
where presence is your personage,
where you, as wave, do carry on . . .

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