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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

the mass of consciousness 10/12/16

all of mass,
the sum total of the physical universe,
is just a living, dignified, electrified coffin,
though long in its timespan by our point of view
but still, eons away, in eventuality,
to demystifying the mass of itself,
by dying in it own cellular diminishing life-form way.
life, as the lower vibrational rates of manifest,
are like that,
sweet to the moment, sensory embraced
but within its time-bind posing
as evidential particles that thus give way to waves.
waves themselves are as consciousness,
to say a higher consciousness,
while particle is ordered up as mass on display
but never as the wave,
that never say good bye to consciousness.
yet particle is but given a life-line
as the status as to where you essentially came from.
but really, it is not a location.
who you are,
is really not in time.
for there is no timely reason
for you to ever be,
the wave good bye to consciousness . . .

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