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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

hedonism for happiness 10/11/16

hedonism is a training bra on a man.                                                  hedonism is an assumption that spectacular grammar                     will make the story of living a mighty fine read.                                hedonism is still a reenactment                                                             as an act out of still shots remembered.                                              hedonism is destination as desire’s best outcome,                             made obsolete.                                                                                        hedonism has pleasure as the pay off                                                   for the tedium of life’s passage.                                                            hedonism is an attempt at high living                                                 in a flat land style of motivational skills.                                             hedonism is the ice cream of decadence                                             in a meltdown situation of self-heat.                                                    hedonism has the wardrobe of indulgence                                         out looking for the address of the party of pleasure.                         hedonism gets lost in the conversation of self-gratification               when self is the only one to answer.                                                      hedonism can only exaggerate a peccadillo                                         into onus fame.                                                                                       hedonism for happiness,                                                                       the tourette syndrome for bliss in a sneeze . . .

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