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Thursday, March 31, 2016

oh so secret 3/31/16

making that strong postural stance
but then, not being nervous system statuesque
can be a emotional challenge
that is not readily self observed except by shadows.
you can have your busyness and your muse of order
and your load of tacit responsibilities
but that is all incessant wardrobe
to the imminence of the issue at hand.
find for me that secret self dialogue
of your inner transcript without editing marks.
send me an imaginary photo of the free-fall
that you have so thoroughly trusted in all along.
tap me into the water source that holds
that vase of you and thus the flowers
of your presence for just this moment’s worth.
and let me sip at that!
you may thoroughly feel like you are alone
but you are not a long lost albatross by nature
flying ocean skies in dialogue with wind currents
as if they are your uplifting momentary worth.
your invisible wardrobe even your current apparel
are loud and distracting, away from the subtle lips
that say the truth of you in spite of your pronouncement.
you are a monolith of secrecy casting huge shadows
where emotional shading tells your story
oh you are so secret, blinded by your own soul . . .

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