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Friday, March 25, 2016

self love 3/25/16

Self love is not an act of recognition.
It is not a reverie of internal applause.
Self love is not an action
either by recovery or compensation.
It is not a counter measure of need.
Self love is a medium of nurturance.
It is a fluid state of being, in bloom.
It is not a fix or a gauged accounting.
Self love exudes without a sense of display.
It is a within, as a state of self conveyance,
revealing a depth of spirit presence,
possibly an enduring awareness
that is a treasuring journey of soul,
as a self radiates without measure as context.
Self love provides a liquidity
without any shoreline of answers,
the livingness of definition
without the mindfulness of frame.
Within self love, all cells sense first hand.
Self love emits light that casts no shadows,
will harmonize breath,
give understanding, a rest assured,
creates a draw, a self allure to joyless joy.
Self love is birthright transmission,
heritage by a deeper envelop of being.
Self love is as emergence,
experience to be enthralled . . .

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