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Friday, March 4, 2016

acts of omission 3/4/16

acts of omission are the true immorality.
personal politics muted without question.
provocative unsaidness that rules
monetary reasons as the imposed logic,
as the strategic premise of absence if questioned. 
all of which is hardly addressable
as if it is somewhat non-accusational.
it is absentia with rational excuses.
invisibility as a leveraging theme,
as a way of inculpable account.
there is no ‘guilt for not having done or been’.
omission issues have a given usage popularity,
that belies a need for connectivity amongst people.
it is non-conversational in daily life
as creative schemes are based on it.
you cannot put blame to the crime of omission,
featuring the intimacy of self avoidance, 
yet hardly recognizable as such secretly sent out to others.
maybe it is the personal expense of leveraged omission
as a framing style from childhood on.
eventually emotional habits have become its driver.
it is a grand order of magnitude, unexpressed features.
there is no reveal of motives involved.
maybe it becomes just a form of habitual unconsciousness
as it is the struggle of self in a world of selfishness.
kindredness needs mutual privacy pronounced
without interference, meddling or intrusion.
acts of omission, to be . . .
(given wings in a communal sky)

to hear and to say in actions viewed . . .

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