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Thursday, March 3, 2016

the look 3/3/16

I want to take ‘the look’
out of ‘the how’, of what I am seeing.
No more, to be the come-upon with my eyes.
In this way that visuals are reported to me
is as if I am a separate entity.
Immediately, I seem to have names
for everything as if pictorials,
as if my viewing becomes
some sort of cursory espionage.
Everything in readiness, to be viewed,
is my false pretense.
I have the transient life
of an onlooker to these scenery-causes.
Nature and natural abound all around me
but I fit in as much as a form
of expedient to obvious ‘where’s Waldo’ camouflage.
Nature abounds independently in this surround.
I never would have intended to be this gawker.
I feel like my existence as a visual
is a life of a stalker,
in that I track down my meanings
on everything around me
and I use my eyes as an accomplice.
In all honesty, to myself,
I want to take ‘the look’
out of what I see.
I want my seeing to be participatory
and not as an audience preoccupation . . .

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