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Thursday, March 17, 2016

The want for happiness 3/17/16

The want for happiness? Well, yes and no. Sure, I would like happiness, but without a conclusion as its celebratory means of delivery. I would want the expression of an unidentifiable happiness. A happiness that others experience around me but not as the oddity of happiness that others take note of as separate from them. How about a happiness that exists for no reasons, or a happiness without events of causation. I want a happiness without the surround of results, a happiness undisturbed by any one’s actions but broadly soothing in unimpressive ways. A happiness as my lantern of light for seeing into the moment, yes. A happiness that living plants immediately notice with response. I want a happiness that neither intrudes nor avoids the lessons of life. Not a happiness that was the product of a search, but a happiness without superlatives or need for engagement. At least a happiness that feeds as much as it dines, a happiness without discovery. I want a happiness without contentment, gladness, cheerfulness expressing, the response to a delight, and without any exhilaration of mood. But most of all, I want a happiness that possibly meets up with the secret wisdom of joyless joy and no mention made of it to any one else or even to me . . . 

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