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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

24th contemplation of desire 3/15/16

Desire is the tease and the torch,
the cheetah chasing down a running mind.
Desire is a idyllic opportunity
to the far side of the universe.
Desire is the sacred beat for landing the it of it
in the patterns of time.
Desire is a keepsake, a treasure map,
an inter-dimensional medium,
and a clandestine magic,
well within the confines to manifest into form.
But desire is also an enigma,
a source point from the vast beyond,
a boundless time-traveler
that can come to lodge in the conscious mind.
Desire can first appear as a well-wisher
possessively greeting each new mind image
with the hidden incentive of fire for all of it.
Yet desire is a revered path
working towards the collective swarm
of all of us into one.                                                       
Desire is too precious to handle
with just past experience,
too vital a force to approach
as if separate from it.
Desire spellbinds, overwhelms, engulfs, and immerses. 
Desire, the mind has no answer for dismissal.
Desire has a stage pass for any event
your mind can imagine . . .

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