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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

What time is it? 3/23/16

the infinity clock has an hour hand,
a minute hand and a second hand.
all three hands are the same hand
and that hand is invisible
in any time honored way.
the infinity clock has a face.
it is both an ever changing and a constant face.
it is an unapproachable face
because true recognition of that face
does, not exist in time.
the infinity clock has no past and no future.
you can’t read the infinity clock.
either you are part of the presentation of it
or you are unaware enough to consider yourself
as being in time and experience time-honored.
the infinity clock is more precise
than the most profound methods of precision
can account for, ever.
when you leave behind the victimization of time
the infinity clock ceases to exist.
time only flies against the surface of infinity skies.
you have to be in the bleachers
of spectatorship-heaven to see this happen
but then we all seem to be displaced some sort of way.
and so, quite privately, we keep asking.
(as if reality is a ‘where’s Waldo now?’)
so, really, what time is it?
No, seriously, what is time!

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