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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Wealth 3/13/16

The real beauty of wealth is 
when it lives in the minds and hearts of those 
that it is in direct service to, 
for the benefit of others.
When wealth is most buoyant, 
it lives as a trust that anchors others 
beyond just its payout of coinage.
Wealth, as implied leverage, 
falsifies worth for others
and as power, diminishes the inherent value of others.
Wealth can be an authorship on a broad spectrum 
that assists others’ development 
and their personal internal transformation.
If wealth provides a basecamp 
or a fundamental position for opportunity 
then it is movement for the evolution of mankind to follow.
Wealth, as position or status, 
is a trophy case harboring the past 
and displacing the present and damaging the future.
Wealth is a metaphorical example 
of connective tissue
in service to the whole of the humankind body.
Wealth’s ultimate goal is to transform consciousness, 
to provide an environment of permission 
for a oneness of species towards an alignment 
on and with the planet.
Wealth is a constant in terms of materials, 
a mood-conclusion in terms of the mind of humans 
and an objectification of consciousness 
away from the collective of soul . . .

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