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Monday, March 28, 2016

oneness beyond the whittle-down 3/28/16

 We are all unitedly leaping whatever level of leap need be.    Out of divided leaps, united by ecstatic co-incidence means,  the collective self is in the rush, disrobing and unraveling      the terms of engagement for experience of each of us.            Yes, wisdom is a slippery commentator on life,          negotiating perception's agreement with intention                    as experience is a self-application.                                              But understanding's approval of said applications                      is probably more so in defense of what’s been done already.  Oh somewhere in the whittled down of this wisdom,            leaps are a possibility, as if blessed were luck                          and we'd all fall up.                                                                      Yet, we are inevitable but we all individually lack                          the popularity of say, like the Immaculate Conception.          Some of our failure's successes and our success's failures        are not regarded as worthy enterprises                                       as if we are all marching off into the night                                   of the weakest flashlight.                                                               Even if that be so, as a shared ritual,                                           we are all grandly coming together by whatever of these means. We, as that collective, absorb the shock waves                            by some means of our shared soul belief system,                          the way roots need wind, as stimulation for growth.                     These are the rigors of the collective of us,                              without the acquiescence of us evident.                                    There is a oneness,                                                              somewhere behind or beyond the whittle-down                              and we are there and coming from there                                      in all other most amazing ways . . .

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