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Thursday, March 10, 2016

23rd contemplation of desire 3/10/16

For if desire were the destiny of hu-man-kind,
trekking across the beaches of eternal time,
and you and I were then to face these footprints,
ever so often cris-crossing our paths,
would we answer to "desirous"
as the ultimate meaning of life?
Please take this moment
and this circumstance to heart.
We, as these humans of mention,
have two reverences in mind that are at work.
One, is to study the human,
for the impressions made on that sand,
and two, to study that sand
for the impression left on the human’s heart.
Eventually which study you take,
will take you where you want to go?
Therefore, we have either the affects of desire
and the desired affects,
in every human step we take
across the sands of time . . .

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