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Saturday, March 12, 2016

bite-down on the awe 3/12/16

I think a lot about the contrast
between banality and wonder, 
stupefaction and wizardry
between disengagement and radiant ecstasy,
about being unaffected by the here and now
yet being absolutely ravished emotionally
by the beyond of it.
And I think one of the prime issues for human beings
is our oh-too-familiar bog-down track of mental habits.
Once we create a comfort zone with them,
we rarely step outside of that level of ease.
But the consequence of that is a phenomenon
known by us as hedonistic adaptation
or over-sanely to say,
stimulation to the same kind of thing,
the same stimuli again and again and again.
This renders the said stimuli somewhat invisible.
Our brain has already mapped it and mapped it
in our own heads into an overlay of familiarity.
And we no longer literally have to be engaged
by whatever our eyes have seen
yet do not really see clearly any more
as it is reduced to a symbol to signify
as the satiation of meaningful.
Or our ears that have heard
but do not peakedly, really cutting edge hear,
in the same stunning way.
And too, our hearts that neither poignantly feel
nor immersively comprehend.
We have needs for elicit wonderment.
We are drawn to be stupefied in each self moment,
wanting for the nano-stampede of rapture to take us,
on some grand notion of final cut imprinting
as ongoing, moment to moment,
as the beauty of the experience download.
We have that as a response-ability,
to the bite down on awe of it all ! . . .

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