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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

25th contemplation of desire 3/22/16

Desire is the gleam of God, catching us up in spite of always being on the reality rebound. For normally we come as we are, blessedly compressed in this time/space offering. We are genuinely battle weary, wearing down inside the code of experience, dressed in the colors of isolation, not camouflaged, but pledged to a credo of pragmatics, yet in spite of all of this as our coming, we come. In the face of desire, we are unable to surrender from within. We are always leading with our minds, yet busy protecting our invincible souls. In spite of our coming like this, we come. Born in this time to a drum that makes tremendious sounds of our absence, we are bound by our desires in this time to return everything apparently gained and yet have nothing of substance to justify what our deepest desires emphantically propels us to pursue. For what we sought as the expression of love through desire’s infusion with form has borne its fruit. We are the seeds behind self-consciousness, journeying homeward-bound, taking with us the plasma
of life in this form, while also returning to the vital vibratory-breath of the formless. Desire of the deepest kind makes this so. We are readied for the omni-directional leap where each separate face chats with a collective mind. Where each separate mind converses with a collective spirit. Where each separate spirit communes with a collective soul. And each separate soul co-creates into the collective God. And this God combusts in the presence of the oneness of collective self. Desire, born in each one of us, drawn to the oneness of us all . . .

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