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Sunday, March 20, 2016

The conundrum of gratitude 3/20/16

In the conundrum of gratitude,
isness is gratitude enough.
There is no need for a time of prominence,
no need for conspicuous reflection,
no frame-break to falsely honor,
no eddies of the mind should hamper this flow.
Gratitude should not be a selfie of appreciation.
Thankful is not a freeze frame of gratefulness.
True grateful is the radiance of being, blazing on.
Being, as in getting out of one’s own way
and broadcasting from the continuance of inner light.
Consciousness does not need timeouts of acknowledgments.
That is a sabotage of the transcendency actually occurring.
All genuine gratitude is really additive to the share of soul.
The presence of ‘is’,
is the permission of spirit as conscious
and ‘being’ is that, paying it forward
rather than a presence taken,
in the stall-out of reflection as thankfulness . . .

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