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Friday, April 1, 2016

you gave me your word 4/1/16

you gave me your word, I don’t want it
I don’t want to live off the intimacy of a contract
I don’t want what you dutifully labor as presentation
I don’t want what is not natural eminence of you
as the expression of your energetic truth
I am not here to be audience to your cause
nor you for mine
I don’t want to be party to the low points of obligation
or the habits of compromise that mask my lessons from me
we are not to be a staged unnatural high-wire act
I cannot take from you what is not natural to me
where we interspace, interfaith, internally align
that is the substance without a sense of distraction
as it is not in the privacy of what I notice about you
there are no take-a-ways that are not also givens
that we have audience at all, is room for growth into one
the less I think and feel of you as separate
the more we’re naturally the presence expanse of one
surely our behaviors are all act-outs towards refinement
I want to live into the dynamic that has no need for words
we aren’t in agreement because justification exists
we align by getting out of the way of ourselves
that is the true beauty of the uneventful-ness of us
you gave me your word, please take it back
and just be into me and I be into you
and no one else is the wiser for it . . .

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