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Saturday, March 19, 2016

how absence grows 3/19/16

in the relationship of absence
the strength of the bond grows.
the visitations are now only by thought entry.
the issues remain that became the fire for then.
the forging was real, tempered and sustaining.
the strength of our beings expands.
all of the influence goes directly to heart.
no story of distraction to account or occur.
I send you light on a daily basis.
your lessons to mine are now directly removed.
if we ever see each other,
let us come from growth of being,
share of spirit in passing, close by again.
the journey to evolve as we are and have been
is in service to the other,
karmic as wise can be.
in honor behind the hideous and the profane,
we all act out to there by learn and grow.
blessings come,
both dignified and bathed in remorse.
either way, the light shines through.
go in the peace behind high disturbance.
feel for the beauty of indignance
spread across but behind the vains of anger.
dynamic is the reward
as introspection is now the process.
the journey of itself turns sacred and unexpected.
go in the peace of turbulence and bitterness.
find the eye and the source.
maybe because of but not through me . . .


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