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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

wearing see-thru suffering part 9 5/3/17

we all throw stones at each other even though
we are trapped all in the same suffering quarry.
and yet, suffering versus pain, are such extreme examples
of the differences between
consciousness and self-consciousness.
note that you can create audience with ones suffering
much easier than you can, for just being in pain.
but all of that tends to cause the distraction
to be profoundly away from consciousness
and deeply occupies the self-consciousness
that is formally participating
in the genuineness of the suffering.
but if you can get to the consciousness
in which you are your person who is also in pain
and can feel for the suffering that is happening to you
then you can note the you, that this is happening to,
as a set of specifics, happening to you
but those specifics are not you,
it is not the core of you,
it is not the essence of you nor the source of you
but is something that is happening to you
in a particular experiential way.
in order to get to the place
where your consciousness is your healer,
one needs to get to that kind of shifted perspective
in a indwelling way.
therefore the discovery is that, it is not you
but a thing that is happening to you.
the suffering is not who you are.
therefore you are the best qualified most central,
first person instance of that suffering happening to you,
for you to deal with it.
and if you can setup the internal perspective clearly
then you can address what the suffering is,
what is the framing for the suffering,
who of you who is experiencing it as suffering
and who of you who is experiencing it as pain.

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