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Saturday, May 13, 2017

heroic backlash 5/13/17

why, heroic should have no surface,
not outstanding, nor note worthy.
it should be standard fare.
heroic does not need the backdrop of indifference
nor set up against the inhumanity of the mundane
to be phenomenalized as heroic
as if in an audience response.
heroic should pass as gestures of the heart,
intentions that embrace the sacred within.
the acts themselves are the consequences
of a state of connectivity with others.
heroic, as labeling, creates a stand-back status,
a celebrity of deed but also a denial of true source.
heroic is every breath taken deeply,
intuition leading to express beyond an empathy,
common soul finding a consciousness expressed.
heroic should be ordinary daily life communed.
the spectacle should not be reframed posthumously.
heroic lives in everyone as a permission
to be the expression of love and caring.
heroic should have no elevated status as acts performed.
it all starts with conviction of a conscious heart.
everyone has passage in that way.
nothing can be too minor to express as such.
heroic should not be the backlash reaction.
heroic should be the in-breath to being,
embracing oneness as the consciousness to living . . .

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