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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

face of the earth 5/17/17

water that disguises itself as rain
will descend as hard rocks upon me,
it seems.
the earth, as myself,
will demystify that greeting quickly.
almost as if, I have no reason to cry
then maybe the sky will become upbeat
in facing me,
with a wide smile,
so vast as if, face-to-face comforting.
at times like these, I feel blemished
as the face of this earth
when these things happen.
but then it all pores through me,
the living and the dying worn of each day.
I realize I am making these faces,
even as the wind is chiseling by.
it gives me a sort of praise in passing.
I can’t overtly smile in response.
we, trees, plants, and land,
all have to smile at once
as if in a gesture of common mood.
it is a feeling that has to possess us,
all at once.
this is where I stand up for our common mind,
the over-soul of it all
and light heartedness,
as the face of the earth to meet you . . .

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