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Saturday, May 20, 2017

nuance wrestles with subterfuge 5/20/17

what if I was caught making eddies
in the sound current of the stream, speak?
would any of these following questions be that?
isn’t practical only a plaintiff’s defense position presented?
does common sense assume a consensus
that is just nodding affirmatively to the issue at hand?
is there more darkness in less light
or is that the way I am seeing it?
does, I am not looking at you,
because I am well aware of not wanting to see you,
ever work for you?
a bandit and a band-aide
do not have comparable time frames, do they?
if I caught you looking at something,
did I catch you before you had any comprehension
of what you were seeing?
if I found something I had lost
where I very first started to look for it,
do I still have a real story to tell?
what if what I thought to be a bargain
was discovered to only be my frame of mind?
just how many clouds do I have to see all at once
to make it seem like I need to report
that it is a cloudy day?
if people say they are boarding the horse,
can I say that I am breading the butter?
why, in a race, head on, does expectation, 
who runs ahead, loose to patience, every time?
why is it that I am older than I feel 
but experience keeps lying to me?
How often is it that I get far ahead and then wait 
for everything to catch up?
if everything appears orderly, 
then is my absentminded idleness the work of an angel?
is playing the card of innocence in a game of sophistication, 
the last draw?
if you are ‘all world’ at anything, 
is there ever a time and a place for humility to take a bow?
how far is the let down from grand and stupendous 
to common place?
if happiness was near by, 
what would I have to let go of to get there?
in a role reversal situation, 
if I kept my eyes open only for as long as 
and as frequently as I do when I blink, 
what would I make of the world I would see?
and lastly, if I wanted the world 
to mean so much more then it does, 
is that me venting or wishing?

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