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Friday, May 5, 2017

wearing see-thru suffering part 11 5/5/17

suffering versus pain is
a version of self-consciousness versus consciousness.
ever notice that with an accident to an animal,
in that experience, they stay current with the pain
while an accident happening to a human,
we feel the pain but then we experience the suffering.
the difference between those two examples is this.
animals stay conscious with the pain,
while we stay self-conscious with the suffering.
we would want to stay conscious also
but the nature of self-consciousness
is what we habitually do
and it diverts us dealing directly with the pain
that is happening to us
and that seems to promote in us a sense of suffering
in which we are the experiencers of suffering.
there is a profound difference
in those two distinct positions
and their origin and formats of function.
suffering is working with conclusions
while pain is a happening directly to us first hand
in an immediate manner.
when you are in pain, you have a direct access
to yourself as separate from the pain
and also the pain is happening to you directly.
you can have a consciousness to address the pain
as if it is happening to you but it is not you.

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