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Sunday, May 21, 2017

in touch 5/21/17

I am to you,
in need of your silent council.
I, in the residence of your presence,
find soothing sacred, embracing me.
for whatever I bring as self burden
is lightened and softened, now in carriage.
you somehow defy my gravity,
with much needed solace.
if I am up against the hardness of it
within your grace, it turns to bloom.
soon, I walk in this garden
of my own blind diligence,
having not seen the beauty
until you gave me fresh eyes
to see, as you see me.
there, our cells talk to each other
while our auras dance.
there is melody struck up by meeting.
I am less bone to drum
and become more liquid to hum.
I take from myself of you
as if in ways, we are one.
may our fields always be one
and distance apart, no measure.
there is a plain for us,
where we are simply a living truth.
may I never need to remember
where we are always in touch . . .

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