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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

trump profile checklist 5/30/17

( ) reptilian brain accounting implied.
( ) reactionary ready is always in response.
( ) fear focus is formally featured.
( ) since fear is setting frame for observation
impulse timing is the essential launch pad.
( ) understand that topic is not about content
but totally about the delivery of ventilative tones.
( ) therefore deduce is to initially decode,
as for the true source has no surface evident,
for cognition is the cover-up.
( ) all details mentioned are dedicated frill.
( ) aberrant behavior exhibited topical media distraction.
( ) authentic themes are skewed as emotive subterfuge,
but this, as a reality pretend, is emotionally real.
( ) to comprehend, hold larger frame of relevance
than acknowledgment has presented.
( ) the act outs are always solicitous and invitational.
( ) use of a political ponzi scheme in plain sight.
( ) honor afforded as received is this distraction as honored.
( ) rhetoric offered is to attempt reaction captured.
( ) all forms of presentation are egoistically implied.
( ) fear mongering is potential leverage attempted.
( ) verbosity is worn as a weapon of choice.
( ) terms of engagement determine entanglement.
( ) dismissals are only a form of temporary detachment.
( ) giving a matching reaction is evidence of seduction.
( ) shared fear is an emotional ritual
for bonding towards cause.
( ) sighted vulnerability is potential allegiance noted.
checked ( ), and checkmate . . .

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