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Saturday, May 6, 2017

wearing see-thru suffering part 12 5/6/17

when you are a sufferer, your person is the sufferer
and the pain gives representation to that.
as a sufferer, you have a self-consciousness
that the pain is you and you have the wherewithal
to present it that way to yourself and to others around you. 
with pain and consciousness you want to solicit support
to your person who is dealing directly
with the pain first hand.
with suffering and self-consciousness you solicit support for 
your circumstance and gain support
in self-consciously dealing with your suffering as it is. 
being of consciousness allows you the possibility
of applying yourself in the first order as the healer
to what is happening to you
by addressing it in the moment ongoing.
with suffering there is the constant reminder of pain
but what is addressed is that you are in pain
and very self-conscious about that.
and so the primary work to address is you, as the sufferer,
in your self-consciousness,
for you are so strongly associated with the pain
that the pain represents you and it is addressed then as such. being preoccupied as the sufferer does not give one
access to the conscious healer place within
nor does it allow a person to work
with their consciousness directly
using the pain situation to be the vortex
or the lever that allows them to move into
a higher state of consciousness by addressing the pain
and its relationship with the self that it is happening to.
thus the use of consciousness, to a higher degree,
does not gain development or access
by being that self-consciousness of the sufferer.
all instances of personal growth have required one
to be the consciousness beyond the affront
of the lesson facing them.
physical pain is just one example of a kind.
for there are many kinds of pain directly felt
that can be addressed but that also can be interpreted
as a means and a ground for suffering to take place.
wearing see-thru suffering.

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