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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

wearing see-thru suffering part 8 5/2/17

so that when you are suffering,
and that can be from many styles of how that is happening,  
which are taken to be exterior experience
because it has been cognized as such.
when this has been done,
it falls into a dualistic paradigm premise
of suffering/non-suffering.
and when the suffering goes on as untenable,
it then be construed as a state of being.
so when one is being accosted by someone, by verbiage
or brutality, they of themselves are actually ventilating
their own untenable suffering on you.
but what they are really unconsciously doing,
even though they are accosting another is,
they are asking another though unconsciously doing so,
“can you take on the riddle of my suffering
and solve it for me”.
and why they chose you maybe circumstantial
in that it is set off but it also maybe somewhat vibrational 
in that they sense that you are on that polarity axis also
but not at affect of it or so it seems to them
that that may be so.
so they can, by whatever means incite-fully ask,
“can you actually contribute to freeing me
from my suffering (?)”,
but I don’t know that I am asking you for that
but I, in my struggles, am solicitous.
and since we all come from a profound paradigm
of insolation, isolation and separation,
so we then use language in that way
that continues to honor our distance from each other
as if it were true.

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