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Thursday, May 4, 2017

wearing see-thru suffering part 10 5/4/17

the suffering is set up by expectations of a frame
of reference that does not include what it actually is. 
suffering is really unaddressible in it authenticity.
which then provides for medicine
as if to treat the symptoms
as your self-consciousness experiences them.
this then perpetuates that what is really going on
either by or through the pain itself cannot be discerned 
because the flood of suffering can be also ventilative
for a storehouse of unattended
but previously stored suffering.
so suffering, despite its reputation
for being what it is claimed to be,
also has a positive side to it.
so if you can be the being
and play your consciousness as opposed to
just be your self-consciousness,
then suffering was a practice or ritual
that got you more deeply in touch
with your true consciousness.
suffering by all of the minutia of unconscious habits
that go into it, that it brings up
can provide the reverie of transcendence or transformation, 
for all of those unconscious patterns that are discovered, 
can then be diminished by becoming aware of them
and their essential conceal and the potential release
from what was held as such,
not knowing that that was going on and also ongoing. 
suffering is then a doorway
to deeper consciousness prevailing.
all this is so compressed and is happening
every nanosecond of our self-consciousness as dominant.
suffering exist as a golden door
and we work against its benefit to us directly. 

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