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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

the cottage industry of caring 5/24/17

there is this cottage industry called caring.
it has overtures and choruses,
first verses and ballad overtones.
it starts anew with feelings,
consciously harvested into tendings.
it is made up of simple gestures of the mind,
as a play of convictions into behavior displayed,
as initiatory responses that surface in the exchange.
nothing compelling or of overwhelm,
just presence meeting need.
empathy finding way, as means, in response.
an affinity or a mutuality in the offing
for that which comes to dance with it,
however the rhythm or the measure needed.
it is an industry of close at hand.
it may generally occur on a small scale.
intimacy, in a person to person way
yet it may feature a complexity of activity in play.
with caring, people work out of themselves,
mostly face to face as is this enterprise.
it has its own readiness in place,
capacities to undertake beyond what appears.
people use of themselves is as their primary means.
it never becomes commercialized or upscale.
genuine is the basic currency of exchange
and most take it up on a first person basis.
it can never become mass produced.
not that there isn’t a collective at heart,
but each person is their own start up,
if and when one figures how to operate
out of their own self sense and thereby skills.
it is thematically driven by common good
out of close proximity to how one feels.
and its final product, caring, is ever greater
than its whole . . .

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