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Sunday, May 7, 2017

wearing see-thru suffering part 13 5/7/17

suffering is just a style of displacement
away from the opportunity of being conscious
with the situation at hand.
suffering is usually the passive norm commonly held
as the result of pain experiences.
but pain, as addressed by consciousness, 
offers an opportunity to delve more deeply
into direct consciousness to address the experience
and profit from the movement with it and through it.
if you have had the circumstance
to be with and close to an animal in pain,
you can see that they stay conscious with that pain
on a moment by moment basis.
there is no self-consciousness to that circumstance.
humans, on the other hand, have the option
to become self-conscious and that in itself
displaces their actual participation in that process
for presence and personal growth.
yes, of course, we can participate
in medical treatment and recovery
as if that is the best outcome from what was offered to us 
but that option, as a standalone,
has not tapped into authentic consciousness
as much as it has allowed for self-consciousness
to persist as the prominent status of being.
suffering is a form of being comprehensively sumational,
addressing a summary of feelings in response to pain
but not actually directly addressing the pain,
not for its affect
but only for its ongoing informational occurrence.
to be able to see thru suffering 
and work it in such a way of consciousness
not only allows for healing to take place
but for the advancement of one’s consciousness
going forward in life . . .

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