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Monday, May 22, 2017

vibrational intelligence 5/22/17

vibrational intelligence has no staticness to it,
for it is confluence of consciousness.
the think of it is immersion made evident,
becoming awake in fluid movement,
taken up by intention that origins as embrace.
the reframe has no separate parts to administer.
the future only has a ‘now’ of recognition.
the unspoken admittance is into a oneness.
this does not lead to the life of more questions.
no mind is not convergent by entry.
vibrational intelligence is not a knowledge greeter.
it is a permission to act from source as one.
it is a consciousness of the viscosity of spirit.
it is a warmth as if temperature is life giving.
it is access to a breast milk streaming of active immunity,
an acknowledgment without introduction or carriage.
it is a clean table of the mind without any surface.
it makes logic seem under-dimensionalized to use.
it makes seek into sooth as sooth is the symptom of truth.
vibrational intelligence, as a phrase,
is left behind, at the door upon entry.
it has no know and is all being upon admission,
unobservably full spectrum as unreknown . . .

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