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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

the base of inquiry 11/30/16

I don’t get that my linear thinking
is going to get me
or get me where I want to go,
assuming going from an A to B reality is what matters.
it is not clear to me that language, in this matter,
actually works for, or works against
a sense of clarity from within.
I am not asking to be an audience to myself
as if spiritual is a self discovery as an add on
or a means of getting sourced more directly
to the mother board within me.
look, we are always meditating, all of the time.
we are just not conscious of it as it is within us.
and if consciousness is where it’s at,
then self-consciousness is just a major distraction.
I don’t need the paparazzi of my awareness
hunting down higher consciousness for me or in me.
for comparative truth like that, is a buzz-kill in usage.
if done so, that’s how I become my own personal manager
of how my now becomes my show and tell.
I don’t even mean for my inquiry to be this topical,
certainly not to even catch an edge on this as a narrative.
if you feel drawn or embraced from within,
I doubt that the experience of that is the real payoff.
if you are conduit aware of yourself,
in service to others as a strength coming through
then maybe that is the real base of my inquiry
everyone, more or less, is the charisma of their self love
it is not that, that you share,
it is, that you are . . .

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