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Monday, November 14, 2016

what is voluptuo-us 11/14/16

what is so voluptuous
in human mind-filled immersion
image after image forthcoming?
say that a pillar in flight,
stalks the wet-sweet earth
that is so subtle but smiling.
the bow, blood drawn,
is with tail feathers tucked,
talons, folded in prayer,
looking for ascension in the descent,
entombment into this hush-hush mountain
that is ever internally smolder-rising,
where the soft nest of thunder is upon itself,
encouraging the airways with pronouncement,
where there might be approaching,
the rub of tingles against longings.
yearn-sparks are building
as cravings are closing in on serenade.
appetites finding mumbling lips,
that break out into undulating murmur-speak.
the intend is calling out from guttural thrones.
the deep sky of hidden night-flight is awakening.
the skin of rumble-drums tightens.
the kiss of glistening gains enveloping assertion.
the swirl of steadfast has its centeredness.
conjoined is torched with hum over hum.
outbursts are sparking to catch an edge.
firm rubbing against itself is wet-friction at work.
intent of the selves is a reflector of the hearts
as the sun heats from beyond the surfaces.
boom, the choir’s voice-box roars up in flames.
the lyrics are luminescent in passing.
smolder seeks vast expression.
there is no background present.
combust has all parts dancing together.
a honey-simmering is tender in celebration.
all glad parts are soaked in smile.
wet meets up with joint fluidity.
there are tears stalled in timelessness.
the connect has lost its separate parts.
the crayons of our eyes have all melted
and there are no more surfaces to themselves.
time gave in
and moments now have their enormity.
the train of thought has no tracks.
the internal seas have no surfaces speaking back.
what had deliverance, spoke for itself to itself.
the shine of madness has no audience.
only the stage has smolder.
sacred lays out a bed of warmth and vast.
cosmic lands have been anointed.
smoothed and soothed awaken to boundless feelings.
rolling thunder continues into deepening recesses.
fury whispers, as truth ascends
from beyond what language could have ever said.
fumes linger, as the sky is reborn.
a new day is showing of itself
as fresh eyes come
from what voluptuo-us deep-wells intend.
earth is airborne, where inner skies soar . . .

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