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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

what the breath 11/16/16

desire, comes to me
on my in-breath uptake
swept up and heavenly spun
then my out-breath, in a conclusion,
makes large luminous bubbles
intentionally outward, set afloat
the sun makes a prismatic response
as evidence to my eyes in confirmation
then boom with a soft snap to a whiff,
inspiration disappears, flattened
me back, into a mindful deadpan way

each breath, full cycle
is to be a flame lit
from within the candle of my being
as then pronounced, sends light out
to not live on the glory of that sight
but to light up
a sense of mindfulness in carriage,
in every breath-out going, forward
this inspiration is permission granted
outward results declared,
are not yet authorization guaranteed  . . .

This risk of richly living,
some have mastered in innocence,
others by divine counsel,
even others by risk and reward
breath opens every door
who, of yourself is permission granted
to embrace what is offered
into that which makes you
momentary whole?
Oneness floods in
unannounced, undefined
and we,
in almost unconscious shock respond,
“what the breath?’

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