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Saturday, November 12, 2016

no nouns 11/12/16

there are no nouns.
the labels have become too big, too vague,
too accusatory, too subject-object biased,
too statuary and historically laden,
and too meaning-corrupt.
nouns are like burps from the digestion of verbs.
we all eat up verbs like a form of nutrition.
so what is the caloric input of vision?
what tangy sauce is hearsay?
touch is so much the main course.
I’d always be done with nouns as appetizers
just by the first impressions!
living on nouns is a death-walk through life.
I don’t want to be a mental retention custodian.
I’m not saying that only action
figures into the equation,
but I also don’t want to stand
at the bus-stop of naming and work on story
as if a crossword puzzle was life.
nouns need to go to the dry cleaners
and never be picked up on the rebound.
if all nouns had feelings,
than that is a different story.
but most nouns are soulless.
most nouns are synthetic
or classlessly stereo-typical.
they march in senseless holiday parades.
they come from a gene pool of banality.
they line up to get jobs as extras
in the daily movie of life.
they front for air-time in the conscious mind hearsay.
they pretend to be humble servants
dedicated to serve referential human needs.
they are cynical and stoic
and back-talk in muted ways.
nouns stand guard, all around us,
as if we are royalty,
smug in their stillness,
priding our entitlement views,
even directly to our faces.
they feature our name-calling
as if it were their destiny.
even those of naming,
that have features of movement,
can’t escape the identification accounts hurled their way.
nouns are essentially composed of ‘do not enter’ signs.
once you name it, for humans,
the primary work is done.
if you have it as a noun,
then, it is essentially dead to you.
it is a cemetery of meaningful
but in a deceased sort of way.
look, aliveness wears no nouns.
verbs are swarming everywhere.
existence is all verbs or nothing at all.
but there is bleakness to nouns,
tolerant, enduring, maybe even pleasantly apathetic.
passive and resigned if you get to know them.
it is up to you.

there are no nouns . . .

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