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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

offered up as relevant 11/8/16

maybe the question is
how short of an attention span
until I become an insignificant freelance lifer?
I have an immediate senseless response
to any conversation near by?
do I figure that retort is a personable style?
okay, I do look for coffee and bakery as survival needs?
don’t ever want to seriously talk about relationships
or relationship needs.
spare me your unspoken insults,
I am going about my business
as superficially as I can.
“hey, what up?”
that is a kind of friendship greeting of mine.
ever since the appearance of cell phone usage,
people assume I have an earpiece
and am speaking to someone distant but in particular.
who would thought of that as benefits?
no, I have not misused drugs.
yes, I prefer to walk
and not get cabin fever from a car.
don’t or can’t fully explain
why paths are way more interesting than sidewalks.
and nobody has ever figured out the correct procedures
for handling loose change or the return of cash
with loose change and the receipt as a ritual of exchange 
that even looks like it works!
I don’t do crossword puzzles
but occasionally I do come up with new words
that should exist
but I don’t check to see if that is so.
each day is like someone is reading a book to me,
out loud, page after page
and I ignore most of it
as if no one else can hear them
and so I don’t have to explain any of it to anyone else.
so I am only passing you by
as if I am just another uninteresting person
in the course of your day….
carry on,
we are still meeting
but on different terms
other than what reality has offered up as relevant . . .

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