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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

gift, as a suspect 11/2/16

it feels to me as if gift is just a framing style
privately bludgeoned by a staging of this ritual
maybe an exchange of time for attention
brought to me by the vehicle of intention
dressed up as an unavoidable purpose
yes, it is a defendable position
of supposedly safe behavior for all parties involved
yes it is a loosely scripted situation that plays itself out
but with wanting some unexpected spontaneous results.
it is a place in time where giving and receiving do meet
and a supposed exchange of merit for appreciation occur.
humans do it, it seems, in a trite sort of manner.
nature has gifting as an ongoing way of flow and being.
we get gifted with rain, waterfalls,
the intimacy of forest,
fruit bearing and blooms meeting our expectations,
global warming as all-in participation
both in our concepts and our ongoing conversations,
earthquakes as signs of indigestion,
wind occurrences as attempts at
mother nature’s spoken word
though perceived by us as indiscriminately pronounced.
yet, for me, the gift still seems like a framing style
but not always in the kindest of regards.
sure it’s both better and worst than tag.
it’s done way more discreetly then dodgeball presents.
there is an intended reciprocity for all parties in theory,
as if all the world is interactive by nature.
but gift, is the blunt in your face, presence there of,
it is kind of the butt side of spontaneity presenting.
forced surprises are somewhat accepted but still
each person would really want their own come on
to what is perceived as happening next
kind of, in a fluid unabrupt sort of way.
say as a creative next thought,
or the sweet rise of a feeling
that buoyantly spreads internally
and creates a levity of being to arise.
gift could be that doorway
but the percentage for that being so seem low to me.
a maturity of presence allows gift-giving to be seen
as a gratuitous framing style
and nothing more than that.
and so, with scrutiny and intrigue,
together with the swim of subterfuge,
the revisitation of recent past events for clues,
the import from the giver behind the giving itself,
these all now immediately come into play with a gift.
yes, I know I am hounding on this.
gifting is ritualistic, and maybe I should be asking why.
and yes, it has its abruptness on display
but it is rich with depth on the output and also on the intake.
and with subsequent observations on my part,
it could even be prank-like mischief, but still
I have them come to think of it as a form of touch
as if to reach out and touch someone
as to say with thought and intent
and then subsequently, with the gift.
oh if only meaning were ever this clean a ritual,

in and of itself…

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