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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

So what do you get for your think? (mundane version) 11/22/16

So what do you get for your think?
Fading images
through frosty window glass in the mind,
or talk you can’t really see,
sort of from behind your own head
but familiar voices saying commentary
related to the experience at hand.
Maybe say, a slight of whispers
that says things that cannot be repeated out loud 
without consequences,
or fade-ins from other places and other times,
or that incessant melody
that occasionally breaks out into lyrics
getting lip service and possibly some voice
as tracks that repeat themselves over and over
with no clue as to why and where to go with this.
Or possibly it might be the elephants in the room
that affect the acoustics of think
but are not ever addressed
like depression, moodiness,
self esteem issues, loneliness,
elicit draws, spunkiness, contrariness,
or simply wise ass attention needs.
So really, what do you get for your think?
As if a next moments’ fill,
without otherwise distraction,
maybe that you are slowly milking the dreams,
or the ideals, or the promises to self,
or that you are gaining accomplishment
by common sense needing application,
deductive logistic in the problem solve mode, 
strategizing for people games,
schemes that have a present in mind,
looking for a future,
or finding a flood of worry
or flurry of fret
to ease the next mental moments labor in passing,
or on the other hand,
possibly gifting your mind
with overwhelming aggrandizement,
pleasure implosions, permission indulgence
or daring on demand.
Yes is it an internal intimacy
that is shared with you consciously,
and yet, possibly a yappy mind
that you have to curb and or defend,
or maybe an incessancy
that you fend off with activities of outward attention
or otherwise distraction?
But also in passing
it could be an altar of inner performance
featuring clear thinking, right mindedness,
expression of ideals,
the notion of a meditative state,
the quintessence of love in bloom,
or the source-point of personality
featuring directedness as the linkage of all minds
and all hearts as a consciousness.
There is a full spectrum in there for sure.
So what do you get, for your think?
What? . . .

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