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Friday, November 18, 2016

The oneness gene 11/18/16

Everything humanly said out loud
is but skip stones launched
upon the surface waters of consciousness.
Surely some splat,
some with curlicues have immediate dance
and some with zip and spin
have far carriage in space and time
across the surface attention
that we have as our commonplace
throughout the day.
Surely the hand of the mind
and the grip of intention
create the launch of these word-stones.
But the waterworks,
be it stream, lake, puddle, or ocean
have more than surface consciousness
to meet and greet the incoming.
More than ripples, more than waves,
are the eventual settling places
with complete immersion
of these pronouncements,
sinking into the deep liquid
of the collective consciousness
beyond the undulations
of the substantive wave range.
Know this,
your every thought matters
in this cosmic continuum.
Oneness happens in this way
without the obviousness of fanfare
or the presumed clarity
that we all agreed to agree.
The apparent surface diversity still carries
the oneness gene in all of us,
onward inside every uttered word . . .

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