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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

meditation, the enterprise 11/15/16

if you are really meditating all of the time
then is mindfulness just the work
of the experience junkie in each of us?
isn’t mindfulness, the presentation of a false context?
a version of comparative truth with a land-it version
of these, thems, and those in a background status,
venturing to become front stage material,
when we were truly asking for sky, expanse, vast and pure?
a mental manager, keeping track of the time
and a version of the quality,
cannot provide for meditation to be the gain
beyond worth as a conundrum of our attention.
is meditation then a perception as a thought-form drug
prescribed for reality overdosing as its counterpoint?
meditation is not a gold card or credit-line to use
against turmoil’s and interpolation’s rational thoughts,
driven into conclusions as stances to defend
or the supremacy of judgments that care for us.
meditation seeks no captures, replaces no concerns,
nor answers any questions, or bargains for peace of being.
meditation has no operational syntax
to conquer or complete, to contain or to recontextualize.
we are meditating all of the time
yet time is not an index of proof or measurement of value.
we are meditating all of the time,
maybe be as a sideway ref-inference
to a quantum state of being
that is not mentally realized
as if by conscious containment.
(as if there are leash laws for walking, in reality settings,
the dyslectic dog of your soul but in spiritual forms
of self mind-fullness on inner display.)
such is the enterprise of an under-realmed world view.
as if meditation is on the menu
and can be ordered up, for here or to go.
look, I may be doing bad yoga
most of my waking moments body-wise
but I am not asking for mental intervention
to cure me of my visceral or kinesthetic means.
sure my mind can mentor me into movements and postures,
but I do not want my mind, as my alpha dyslectic dog,
to be in charge of my transcendence of being.
that’s just too much baggage of story and decals of memory
for the journey of transformation to loose it all
as an authenticity of transitional means.
yes, I am loosing reason or account along the way.
yes, all this verbiage also dies of its intent and substance.
yes, we are meditating all of the time
and time, as the enterprise truly ceases to exist
and consciousness carries, lightens and reveals
but not by containment, mastery or control . . .

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