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Thursday, December 1, 2016

a dying brain 12/1/16

the process of a dying brain
is to give back the so-called flood of life memory
its blatancy and self-occupancy
and get back to the energetic truth of being,
to see into the people known who were along the way
where there were environments of connectivity
rather than just to see people, known in life’s passing.
there is resourceful re-visitation beyond meaningful
beyond what understanding plainly offers.
there comes an innocent buoyancy
to what is then thought.
from there, the soup of life has produced a taste
and a fragrance for living.
a rising brain distills that
into this fragrance of spirit.
dreams of recall inhale that scent
as a cathartic communing of soul,
where there then is
a ceasefire of fear mongering interludes.
a disappearing brain then can continue
into those as fluids states of presence
almost like never before,
to then re-immerse in the harmonics of being
beyond the pitfalls of logic pronounced,
to journey as if expandedness was normal,
to find meaningful as a cross-realm synesthesia of sorts,
blessed of mixed dimensions presenting without illusion.
where illuminating is impactful
beyond what statutory meaning offers to account
finding a cohesion as process and a heed as awakening,
also a fluidity of person beyond apprehension’s grasp
beyond a common sense marvel to embrace
as a self accepted beyond immediate circumstance
and a wade into the deep-well waters of self.
it is as if coming to know the lake of one’s being
by how evaporation and flow give a new sense of direction
and give the spirit of being purposeful means.
it is as if journey is and always was
the way of life in passage
for the ever-change is abounding and rich-worthy
and this embodiment is in the livingness pronounced.
for a retiring brain is ascending into higher accord,
leaving mindful for mystical
as a form of acceptance as self entry.
where by a passing brain transitions
to live on in the energetic essence of being
without the burden of person in form . . .

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