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Thursday, November 24, 2016

here’s what dumbstruck me 11/24/16

a new moon dark night is naked to me
peering out into the sheer of the stark addressing

cursing me out is a compliment to my soul
that one’s given me an honest irrational reaction

pure pain honors me with unwavering devotion
as obedient attention is my singular response

I live for the unexpected kiss of boredom upon me
to shed all one’s malaise for just this void of affection

happy to me, is no excuse to bother with
so why chase what always lives on the inside

even wanting enough is too much to tolerate
why compromise the living-quest just to feel for satisfy

conversation exchanged, not voiced, is to live the mood,
letting those vibes bathe me before I find them touching

there is no such thing as getting ahead
those are mind-games that keep me from now

if ever I am detail-crazy in the rush of the moment
I just ask myself, why do ants or bees do what they do

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