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Sunday, November 27, 2016

we are the conundrum 11/27/16

All of mass is the optimal connected diversity
to express the oneness of the undetected
and formlessness of the universe.
Yet we, laden with the overwhelm of the obvious,
have discovered
that methods that apply to form discoveries,
namely mind-styles of objectivity,
seem far less articulate and useful
in delving into the universe of the formless.
We find it exacerbating to go from form mentality,
form reasoning, form semantics
and limited causal logic
to that which is outside our primary premises
of reasoning assumptions.
We somehow expect the excess baggage of form
and form principles
as we identify with and comprehend
to be included as participatory in the search
beyond the form.
We feature mind styles that cater to understanding
as if whatever it is, is being brought to us
on our terms of recognition and comprehension
and that the universe is in service to us in this way
as if true understanding puts us at the source point
in a causal way
when possibly casualness is a conceptual presumption
that errors in approach and method of construction. 
Possibly that we do understanding,
is an appalling positionality for us to presume
as our path towards evolution
and or transformation of any kind favorably.
That we are our conundrum as ourselves
is a first order of clarity and pursuit.
We withdraw from sentience
to be small-world sensory.
We subsist on a Machiavellian principle
of the highest common denominator
at the lowest level of human consciousness.
We have perceived a holism of a planet
as dividable into political states
with species dominance
as an entitlement assumption
and have participated in such a manner
that works against that holism,
not even to our own benefit
or that of other species
or the planet itself either.
We, as a species, are the conundrum,
within a solipsism of self-insularity as delight!

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