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Thursday, November 10, 2016

from where does your spirit hurl? 11/10/16

positive and negative are in the same vain
they are premise-driven but it is a hoax
the assumption being, there is no escape
when face-to-face the real issue is
oversimplification of the act out
assumptions are falsely made
about the contract of account and approval
so the self director learns an appropriate script
and then blatantly but blandly delivers
towards the positive image typecast of course
all life becomes that stage
life is then a character driven projection
but not a person sourced in spirit presence
and the reviews are always in other’s future minds
this is the vanity of self doubt exemplified
our culture is outfitted and swamped in it
life is a perpetual flood zone without reprieve
life jackets don’t help, just advertise tread and float
one becomes their own spiritless self manager
as a keen tracker of appropriate responses in action
we all might as well have invisible clipboards
and just be working at signups for self-approval
no one actually goes out without also a bleacher seat mind
this is all very contractual but not very genuine
the truth cannot be told, authentic is a minefield
the assumptions run deep and are strong
after all, we might get paid for acting this way
can’t really tell director, supervisor, or boss
from just potentially approving audience members
it seems that we are all hiding in an underground of self
trying to get from here to a there where relief is possible
therefore the projection directive is vanity exemplified
positive or negative are both sides of the same coin
‘heads or tails’, when faced with another person encounter  
is not a call for a necessary but vain response
it is an invitation to introspectively really see,
from where does your spirit you hurl . . .


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