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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

the understanding syndrome 6/1/16

the process of understanding seems to be a given as much as air, water, the material plain and us, as consciousness. understanding has been a cultivated process, almost from birth. the indoctrination is a 24/7 from all attending. breath and understanding seem to go together. well, not that we have made an effort to study the two mutually as in creating a premise like ‘breath fully, think clearly’. but for all of the buried assumptions that back and bequeath understanding as a basic way of being, understanding itself is just a technique or a bundle of skills organized to yield a result in the environment of consciousness. we have acknowledged states of consciousness called intelligent and people who travel the world, doing being smart. We have seemed to coalesce towards some common consensus with understanding as to its means of existence and method of approval. even though we have thousands of languages we still have basically the process of understanding. yet understanding only exists in the minds of all people as a mediumship that yields communication and exchange as such. these days, understanding has pejorative undertows, for we have understanding as a byproduct from the impetus of fear based orientations and therefore its directives. we have developed a very good understanding of where not to go and what not to do in an everyday world, in everyday ways. the news, local or national all promote this because it has been seeded within each of us with chemical response and subsequent fight or flight brain responses. Of course, the elephant in the room, is that understanding does not give us a single clue as to how to be in the now. understanding’s dynamics are ordered towards the use of the past to leverage or control the future. we seem to have accepted the confines of this, as they are offered. after a lifetime of this training, assuming adulthood has happened, we are displaced and perplexed that consciousness could be anything else but. up to now, our pursuit of growth or discovery has been the measure of behavior and physical demonstration by the nature of our social constructs and the physical evidence that we produce under the guidance of understanding’s grand paradigm. Although we have always had the options to quote, understand other species, that effort has been very limited by the nature of how we understand and expect other species to abide by that measure, or fail in our eyes, as relevant or impactful in our world. The method of understanding by the use of cognition into conclusion into account, is like us going around with still cameras taken cognitive shots, converting them into framed conclusions in the grip of certitude and then panhandling the portfolio we get as a reality that, we as a species. have collectively agreed to agree is so. No one seems to question that from the get go.  understanding is done, is a spectator style, even with our own bodies as props. we only exist in the bleachers of now using consciousness as an observational style. Not that there are not occasions of experience that do exist but have little or no relevance for the purposes of understanding. Our scope of inclusion has relatively strict boundaries about and around the sanctity of understanding and our need for it to be at the center of our sense of the universe. We even try to gimmick the universe into the seduction of passing our tests of understanding in order for the ‘it of it’ to even exist. Oh to be sure, some have ventured out in that way to see but it seems to have no relevance for or in our daily lives and so it may be conversational, at best but not impactful in the least. Understanding is really a syndrome and we do not have a viable alternative in the works. We cannot even address the possible cause for understanding to exist. That seems unbelievably confounding to even consider. And as long as everybody or most everybody agrees to agrees by their mental process, so inclined, there is no syndrome. There is no need for alert. There is no option of deeper immersion into the essence of the universe if we can’t take understanding along as our means. Who knew?

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