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Sunday, June 19, 2016

the outing of now 6/19/16

I live for the outing of now,
not for experience’s byline
running on as consciousness reading it,
not for the syntax behind storylines
modified by shifting nouns and verbs
but essentially driven by the same source place of verse,
not for cognition’s gathering in the fields
of awareness done for internal display and approval.
I want the outing of now
without the generous offerings of the past supplied,
without the audience-awaiting environment of the future.
I want the outing of now,
immersive, holographic, integrating.
No thought as an account.
The feel of the whole without depiction.
All grand and vast as a oneness without speculation.
All isness with any it’s,
only the timeless advance of the infinite unceasing.
There are no things and no thing is yet stillborn.
There are no solids as fluid lives the totality.
All, as mass, is motion as constant flux.
The outing of now actually is only, arrival as ongoing,
leaving no past, no memory, no substantiation.
Now will timelessly self-destruct, leaving no history.
Ever present is the now, all is with no retention,
with no memory to abide by.
Future presents without a glitch or expectation.
Yes, the outing of now, exists
as we are living it, but not conscious in it,
where motion is spirit expressing
and soul domains are seamlessly of the one.
I am the one breath of the now
as you are of that same breath undivided.
The outing of now only has entry as transformation
then oneness abounds, without announcement or care . . .

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