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Monday, June 13, 2016

where want takes me 6/13/16

Everything that I could possibly want
cannot be wanted into existence.
If want was my mechanism for its existence
then I would be trapped into want’s claiming
and the limitation of want’s perception
to complete a claim as if in clipboard checklist style.
For everything I want to exist as such,
I have had to lead a life of separation from it
yet know of it in a style which further separates me from it
so that if and when it came my way,
it would be as separate from me as I from it
and my want would only appease the spectator in me.
By want, I create audience potential as payoff
and story potential as enrichment of my account.
Want is a method of denial by association with it
as something separate from me and to remain as such
even in the most acquisitional of situations.
At best, I become a caretaker or a custodian of it
and subsequently only the storyteller of it all
as if possession was this reward of adornment.
I am not even the body I keep as mine
much less the objects I claim as my own.
This method of claim or demand is an entrapment
by preoccupation with what I claim as separate
and by the pursuit of ownership as if that completes me.
Objectification is all around as the tomb of existence.
And want is my dust, only in return . .

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